Trauma conditions overview

'Trauma' in medical terms describes any severe and sometimes life-threatening injury caused by some form of sudden impact to the body. Typical examples of trauma include accidents and falls, any form of blunt force trauma to the body, penetrative wounds to the body (for example stab wounds) and burns.

In cases of severe trauma, the body's natural reaction is to shut down the organs in the body and at this point urgent medical attention is required. In some cases, trauma may be present without any outward symptoms at all, and this can occur in the case of internal bleeding or organ damage.

In this section we cover some of the orthopaedic trauma conditions Dr Moopanar treats, as well as infections and tumours that can affect the bones and associated soft tissue, including:


Bone fractures are relatively common and can affect all bones in the body. In this section we focus on some of the more common fractures.

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Soft tissue injury

Soft tissue describes the muscles, tendons and ligaments in the human body.

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A number of different types of infection can affect the bones and joints in the body.

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A tumour is a mass or lump that can develop in the body – in the bones, organs and soft tissue. Not all tumours are cancerous, in fact most are not.

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